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Skin Care

LypoSalve is designed to restore natural cell cycle regulation while providing lasting moisture to promote a smooth, plump complexion​.

LypoSalve may be used to target the following:

  • Fungal infection of skin or nails

  • Skin lesions

  • Athletes foot

  • Sun spots

  • Redness or UV damage

  • Dry skin

  • LypoSalve is best used in conjunction with Salvestrol Platinum 2000 when treating skin damage.

  • Before starting LypoSalve, it is recommended to perform a patch test on your forearm to ensure you do not develop any negative reactions.

  • Lyposalve does not contain SPF. It is recommended to cover the affected area of skin while outdoors, as UV can cause more damage and reduce the effectiveness of LypoSalve.

  • LypoSalve should always be applied to clean skin.

  • LypoSalve is for external use only. Do not apply directly to open skin (may be applied to surrounding area).

  • Apply sparingly to damaged skin 2-3 times daily. Rub in until absorbed.

  • For fungal skin and nail infections, apply sparingly morning and evening.

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For more information about LypoSalve, please see our FAQ.

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