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Platinum 2000

Healthy cells

remain untouched!


Phytonutrients from

fruits and vegetables

enter the body

Cell death is selectively induced

in these cells

They are metabolized by CYP1B1 enzymes in malfunctioning cells


The Discovery of Salvestrols

The scientists in the UK who discovered Salvestrols — led by Gerry Potter (Professor of Medicinal Chemistry) and Dan Burke (Emeritus Professor of Pharmaceutical Metabolism and former head of the School of Pharmacy) — were developing synthetic pharmaceutical products that use this method to combat disease, when they realized that similarly structured compounds were naturally present in many foods.


These researchers were surprised to learn that foods which should have been rich in these essential compounds actually showed low concentrations or were devoid of them. They soon realized that this wasn't because the plants couldn't produce these compounds; modern food selection and production methods were removing them from the diet.

The Effects of Food Processing

Salvestrols are bitter compounds that plants produce to defend against pests and disease. Modern farming methods that use crop protection chemicals result in lower Salvestrol concentrations as the plants no longer need them for survival.


Genetic modification has also removed Salvestrols from our diet as sweeter variations are bred and selected. The trend towards producing foods without added sugars has caused Salvestrols to be removed by manufacturing processes that filter out bitter substances so that the end product will taste sweeter.

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